How To Find God

Operator, I’m going to need your whole phone system
for a while, just bill it to my line please.

                         Chapter 8: Hook Up To The Power

           Now you know that God is looking at you to see if you’re looking for Him. Now you know that only a fool would say there is no God. Now you know that there is no substitute for God and you must find Him by any means necessary. But how do you find God? You find Him by hooking up to His power. You find Him by any means necessary.
           Psalm 62:11 explicitly declares that power belongs unto God and God only. According to the psalmist, God not only declared His power once, but He declared it twice. God repeated Himself. God emphasized the power that He possesses and, despite the realm of His majesty, His people have somehow become detached from it.
           Even God’s names express His infinite authority. He is the all sufficient one. He is the Almighty God; He has the “ability to do anything.” He is your shield. He is your banner. He is your rod. He is the Everlasting Father. He is the Prince of Peace. He is omnipotent; He is “all power and all full of power.” God, Himself, is His word and Hebrews 4:12 resounds that the Word of God is quick (alive) and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword. God is just oozing with power. But He does not want to keep it all to Himself; He has enough to distribute to everyone who believes.

                                       How’s Your Breath?
Psalm 33:6- 8 declares:

By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all   the host of them by the breath of his mouth.

He gathereth the waters of the sea together as an heap: he layeth up the depth in storehouses.

Let all the earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.

             Notice here that  God created the world by the breath of His mouth. Imagine that. All He had to do was to breathe His thoughts and His words into manifestation.  I’m sure you know from experience that one person’s breath may be stronger than another’s, but God’s breath is stronger and more powerful than anybody’s. He created everything just by the breath of His mouth. How’s your breath? Are you breathing according to God’s will? Are your Godly thoughts and imaginations being realized? Are you walking in God’s power and breathing in synchronicity and harmony with Him?
           The Apostle Paul further explains that God has appointed His Son Jesus, “by whom also he made the worlds” and that God “upholds all things by the word of his power” (Hebrews 1:2-3). God’s Word is His power. The first way that you hook up to the power of God is to hook up to His Word. By His Word, the weak are made strong, the poor are made rich, the downtrodden are made rulers over many, the bound are loosed, the depressed are uplifted, the needy are filled, the lame walk, the blind see and the deaf hear and proclaim the gospel. Hallelulah!
           Just as the rain causes the earth to prosper, once the Word of God is manifested in your life, your life begins to prosper. His Word begins to unfold and reveal the nature of God. God is exposed through His Word. The more you know His Word, the more you know God. After all, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1).
           God’s Word prospers wherever He sends it, and if you line up with the Word, it causes you to prosper in your every endeavor. His Word is a seed; it springs forth with life.  It is ready to bloom.  It is pregnant, ready to give birth. It contains revelation; it is ever changing and it is ever producing. The Apostle Peter described the Word of God as living forever. Things of this earth shall wither and fall away, but the Word of God will endure for eternity (1 Peter 1:23-25).

                                 Call God By His Nickname
           Jesus responds to a priest inquiring whether He is the Son of God with, “Thou hast said: nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven” (Matthew 26:64). Jesus not only says that He’s sitting on the right hand of God, He says that He is sitting on the right hand of power. He referred to His Father as “power.” “Power” is one of God’s nicknames! So when you hook up to the power, you definitely hook up to God, for the essence of God is power.                                Just as studying, investigating and questioning God’s Word is one way to hook up to Him, you can also hook up to God by prayer and meditation. If a righteous man seeks God earnestly and continually in prayer, tremendous, dynamic power will be made available unto him. This tremendous, dynamic power is made available to anyone who will seek God earnestly.
           Even King David entreated God for His power. He determined in his heart  that he would seek God early so that he could see His power and His glory (Psalm 63:1-2).  Continuing with verse 8, David describes how his soul is following hard after God and that God’s right hand is upholding him. Jesus is sitting on the right hand of power (Matthew 26:64). Exodus 15:6 rings true with, “Thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious in power: thy right hand, O Lord, hath dashed in pieces the enemy.” So, you have further proof that God’s power is in His right hand and that God is power.
             When you are seated at the right hand of God, you are God’s friend, you have intimate contact with Him, and He knows you by name. To be seated at God’s right hand means that you are His servant in the earth, you are His embodiment. You possess the very essence of God Almighty. When you hook up to God, you automatically hook up to His power.
           Psalm 63:6 describes how King David sought after God in prayer and meditation. Even the greatest king that ever lived was not exempt from seeking God in prayer. So, of course, you are obligated to seek after God in prayer as well. Prayer will give you that dynamic power you need. Anytime you are in earnest, heartfelt, continual, effectual, heated, fervent prayer, you will find God.

                                                     Fill Me Up
          King David was not exempt from seeking God through prayer and, Jesus, God’s Son, was not exempt either. Luke 6:12 shows how Jesus hooked up to God in earnest prayer: “And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.” Jesus hooked up to God by continuing all night in prayer unto Him. Your power requirement depends on what you are doing. Some of you may not be making much of an impact on the world so you don’t need much power. Others of you are prospering, you have Satan on the run, you’re fulfilling your God-given mission, you’re feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, so you need some extra power. At this point in His ministry, Jesus needed a fill up-so He prayed all night.
             Even God’s only begotten Son had to acknowledge the awesome power and glory of His Almighty Father. Jesus had to acknowledge that with God nothing is impossible. He is full of power. God is sovereign. He can do whatever He wants to do, when He wants to do it and how He wants to do it.  He can do anything, anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

           Thou  Anointest My Head With ... Cigarette Smoke!?
           King David hooked up to God’s power, Jesus Christ hooked up to God’s power, and the apostles of the early Christian church hooked up to God’s power. Acts 10:38 relays how God anointed Jesus of Nazereth with the Holy Ghost and with power. This anointing allowed Jesus to go about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the devil.
             When you are anointed with something, you are “rubbed on, smeared on and painted on” with that substance. My two favorite leisure activities are playing golf and playing video games. On one particular occasion, I was in a game room where smoking was allowed. After I had stayed there for a couple of hours, I went home. As soon as I walked in the door my wife greeted me with, “Have you been smoking?”
           No, I do not smoke, but my wife smelled cigarette smoke all on my clothes. Since I had been in the presence of smoke for so long, I had been rubbed on, smeared on and painted on with smoke. I had been in the presence of cigarette smoke, so I had been anointed with cigarette smoke. When you are in the presence of God, you will be anointed with God. You will emerge looking like God and smelling like God with the same effectual, fervent power of God.
           Jesus imitated God --- He had been rubbed on, smeared on and painted on with the same qualities that God had because He spent a lot of nights in prayer. God was with Him. Everywhere Jesus went He acted like God, He looked like God, and He walked and talked like God. Jesus had been rubbed on, smeared on and painted on with the same power that God posessed.
           Whether He was at the height of His ministry or at the lowest point of His life, Jesus still found it necessary to hook up to God’s power. The night before He was to be crucified, Jesus cried out to God in the Garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22: 41-42). After He finished praying, God sent an angel unto Jesus to strengthen Him (Luke 22:43). God responded to His Son’s despondency with a strengthening angel. God is so good. Jesus prayed unto God, and God strengthened Him. When you pray unto God, God will strengthen you and He will fill you up with power.
           The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much. When Peter was thrown into prison, the church prayed for him without ceasing (Acts 12:5). When Paul and Silas were thrown into jail, they prayed and sang praises unto God. Suddenly, there was a great earthquake and the foundations of the prison were shaken, and all the doors were opened and everyone’s bands were loosed (Acts 16: 25-26). Now that’s power!
           God wants you to keep seeking Him and when you find God, you will find His power.
           All that He has is yours, and His power is no exception.

Summary --- Hook Up To The Power

1.   “Power” is a synonym for God. Therefore, when you hook up to the power, you hook up to God.

2.   You can hook up to the power through prayer and meditation and studying and investigating God’s Word.

3.   Jesus often retreated to pray alone. Although He was the Son of God, He still needed to hook up to God’s power. How much more do you need to pray in order to hook up to God’s power?

4.   When you spend time in the presence of God, you are rubbed on, smeared on and painted on with the effectual, fervent power of God. You become anointed with God Himself.