Chapter 6:

Godís Will
Is Prosperity

     Do you know Godís will is prosperity?  In His sovereignty and authority, He has not ordained that we sit home in poverty with a depressed and lowly heart.  No, that is the picture society has sown in our minds. You can still feel and know God while you are living in prosperity.  God has something better in store for us than the inaccurate image of Christians that some of us so readily receive.  Christians should rejoice because God has pleasure in the prosperity of his servants (Psalm 35:27).

     Simply stated, Godís will for you is prosperity. Every time you come into the fruition of a blessing, God is happy.  He gets excited.  He has a personal interest in your prosperity.

     Parents make plans to reward their children when they achieve certain goals and reach certain milestones in life.  Some, for instance, reward their child with a car when they graduate from high school with honors or some other distinction. The car may already be parked in the lot after the ceremony, and when the child sees it, he is exhilarated with joy. Once you see your child happy, you rejoice because your child is being blessed.  That is the case with God.  It makes Him happy to see you blessed and prosperous because you are his child.

     Imagine for some reason your child is pulled out of the commencement line, and does not graduate.  That takes away your joy because you cannot reward him with the car. God reacts in the same manner. He is disappointed when we do not prosper because He has already reserved so many good things for us. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to be blessed.  We must be blessed, if for no other reason than to make God happy. Godís will is prosperity.

Soul Food

     Prosperity has many different forms and manifestations.  Most people think of money when they think of prosperity but God has provided much more than that.  There are many people with money who are sick, bitter, suicidal, on drugs, and/or in a deep state of depression.  Money alone does not make you prosperous. Our health has a great role in determining our degree of prosperity.  God wants us not only to prosper, but to be in health. John the Revelator lets us know that Godís earnest desire is that we live in health.  Your health and well-being are very crucial components of prosperity.  A wealthy man who is not healthy cannot fully enjoy his wealth.  God wants us to live in health so we can enjoy our material prosperity. God wants to bless us financially and He wants to bless our health so we can enjoy the finances.  I really appreciate that thoughtfulness because He could have allowed some of us to remain to sick.  We would have a lot of money, but we could not enjoy it.

     Before Jesus fed the multitudes, He healed the sick. Jesus, in all His wisdom and insight, knew that no one could enjoy a hot meal being sick. Being sick takes the enjoyment out of life. God does not want you sick.  His will is prosperity in all things ó He wants us to be in good health even as our souls prosper.

Be A Tree

     There is also joy in our prosperity. We can have a lot of money but be consumed by a deep state of depression. Joy is a form of prosperity, yet it does not cost one dime. Prosperity is likened unto a tree in full bloom, a tree in its season, bearing fruit in its full glory, having splendor and color in its leaves, with luscious fruit bursting from its branches (Psalm 1:1-3).

     You are prosperous when you are able to produce, when you are full of life and when you are giving life. Prosperity is producing for others and living for others.  In this state you are able to grow even as a tree grows. You are like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth its fruit in its season. 

     When God makes promises to us, His keeping His end of the bargain hinges on our fulfilling the prerequisites that He requires.  The blessed man thinks on Godís law day and night (Psalm 1:2). Thatís why he is blessed.  From this we conclude that we must spend time in Godís Word. The Holy Bible is our instruction manual and we must follow the guidelines.  If we study His manual day and night, we will be as prosperous as a tree giving forth fruit. When you buy a new lawn mower or a stereo system or anything, you read the instructions before you try to operate it. The Bible gives us instructions on how to live.  If you follow these instructions, your life will be easier and you can tap into your prosperity. 

     As we study we begin to pick up tools and methods for living in the abundance that God has reserved for us.  We begin to understand that tithing opens the doorway to prosperity and that divine health has already been bought for us.  The more you read your Bible, the more you will pick up tools for prosperity.  When you act on the Word that you study, prosperity is inevitable; it must come.

Whatsoever is Everything

     There is no restriction on what will prosper in your life as a result of meditating in Godís law day and night. Whatsoever you do shall prosper.  Whatsoever is everything. Remember in the chapter titled ďJust For The AskingĒ we found that we could ask for whatsoever and it would be granted unto us?  That means we can be prosperous in everything that we touch ó our jobs,
children, finances, marital relationships. Even when you do your housework, you can be prosperous. Everything you do will be done to the glory of God and He will cause it to prosper. This particular Word has nothing to say about failure. So, if you plan to prosper, you better believe Godís Word. 

In The Beginning Was Prosperity

     Prosperity began in the beginning. The minute Adam breathed his first breath, he was prosperous.  We see that he was prosperous because he did not have to work.  Godís only assignment was that he tend the garden.  After he sinned, however, he lost his prosperity.

     Genesis further chronicles a servant of God who was prosperous even in the face of adversity.  Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and thrown into prison, yet Godís hand of prosperity was still upon him (Genesis 39:23).  God Almighty made everything Joseph did to prosper.  ďMadeĒ is a key word of action here. It tells us there was room for failure in some of the things Joseph did, but God still made everything prosper.  He removed the possibility of failure and factored in a greater possibility of prosperity. God stretched forth his hand and made everything Joseph did to prosper.  Joseph was living under the same force of prosperity that we need in our lives. If you meet the prerequisite of studying and meditating and acting on Godís Word day and night, you, too, will be forced to prosper.

     Joseph did not have the force of prosperity operating in his life just because he was special.  He operated under this force because he revered, respected and acted on the Word of God.  Remember, when you meet Godís prerequisites, He will keep His end of the deal. We serve a covenant God, we are a covenant people, and God has made certain agreements with us.  God is willing to keep his end of the agreement, but we must be willing to do the same. 

     Isnít it good to know that there are some things in your life that God will make prosperous? 

     They may start out as frugal inventions or frugal endeavors but, God can make them prosper.  You may have a business idea that may seem frugal or silly; you may be experiencing trouble in your marriage, you may be struggling in school, but if you line up with His will, God will force everything ó your ideas, your marriage, your intellect ó to prosper.

No Restricted Areas

     Donít put limits on God; He is too big for restrictions. Donít think that God will only prosper you in one area, but not in another.  Remember that He is willing to make whatsoever you do prosper.  Keep the words of His covenant and prosperity will fall upon you (Deuteronomy 29:9).

     I cannot overly stress tithing as a vehicle for transporting Godís blessings, favor and prosperity into our lives.  The subject of tithing keeps surfacing because it almost has a monopoly on receiving Godís prosperity and His blessings.  I often hear a lot of people say that if they won the lottery, they would be sure to give God 10% of their winnings. But how are you going to give Him 10% of your lottery proceeds and you havenít given Him 10% of your paltry paycheck? If you have not given God 10% of what you are already making, then rest assured you will not give Him 10% of wishful thinking. Take your current paycheck and give God His 10%.  This is the first step in letting prosperity rule your life. Tithing is the foundation.  If He cannot trust you with the unholy riches of this world, how can he trust you with the true riches of His Kingdom?

     In your pursuit of prosperity, ask God to make you a blessing.  When prosperity enters in its proper form, you will be so blessed that you will be a blessing. Recall from Psalm 1 that prosperity is likened unto a tree in its season.  It is constantly giving, if you pick fruit from it, the tree will grow more and it will never run out.  Godís will for you is that you become a blessing.

     Decide that now is the time for your prosperity. Make up your mind to be in Godís will. If you are unfruitful in your body, your finances, your relationships, your occupation, your thought life, or any other area, you are out of Godís will because His will for you is prosperity. 

Summary ó Godís Will Is Prosperity

1.Understand that Godís will is prosperity.  He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His       servant. If you are not prosperous, you are out of His will.

2.Good health is a key component in being prosperous.

3.We can be as prosperous as a tree in full bloom, in its full potential.

4.Godís blessings are not limited. The only restrictions He has are those we ignorantly      impose on Him.

5.Once again, tithe. Tithing has almost a monopoly as an avenue for receiving Godís blessings.