Chapter 4:

An Expected End

     God knows you — by name, by address, by spirit, by personality. His thoughts toward us are of peace and not of evil, to give us an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11). God is a loving and a peaceful God, He would never wish that bad things would happen to us.  God wants to give us the desires of our hearts if we would only seek Him first. 

     When you can discern the thoughts that someone is thinking toward you, you act differently, you consider every move that you make and every word that you speak because you know that what you do or say will affect that person’s thoughts about you.  If you knew that your fellow employees regarded you as a thief, whether their thinking is true or false, it will affect your personality and make your atmosphere stressful. Even if they thought you were a person of great ability and someone to be admired, those thoughts would also affect your actions and your personality.

A Penny For His Thoughts

     God knows the thoughts He thinks toward us and His thoughts are the only ones that count. It makes no difference what other people think of you.  Desiring to know what God thinks of you is all you should be concerned with. Too often we get caught up in other people’s opinions of us.  We reflect upon past sins and mistakes because our “friends” keep reminding us about them.  God has forgiven you for your past and thinks only thoughts of love and peace toward you.
     We see that God has no evil thoughts concerning you. You, likewise, should not think evil thoughts in regard to your children.  If your child is out late, and you have had no communication regarding his/her whereabouts, you should not automatically think that your child is in trouble or that some mishap has befallen him or her.  Your thoughts should not be evil concerning your child; they should only be thoughts of peace that your child is fine, basking in the glory of God.  Trust that God will always protect your family. 

     God thinks toward us in the same manner. If, for some reason, one of His children has gone astray, he begins thinking His thoughts of peace toward that child until he/she has returned to His pool of believers. If one of His children is having problems, God’s thoughts of peace are imparted to that child’s life to bring an expected end. God wants to bring you the desires of your heart. His thoughts concerning you are that you are happy, prosperous above measure, healthy and full of joy. God wants you to have everything that you want in order to make you happy and to bring you an expected end.  He wants to give you the best.  You are His child, and He wants you to have the very best.

     Every morning you should say, “Good morning, God!  Today you will think thoughts of peace toward me to bring me an expected end.  God, this is what I need today — health, prosperity on my job and a sound heart to make rational decisions.”  You should always expect good and not evil. I know I am a child of the Almighty God and because you, too, are His offspring and you walk uprightly, you are deserving of your expected end. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants. 

Go Fish

     We have already studied the incident where we discovered Peter did not expect Jesus’ Word to come to pass (Mark 11:12-22). Peter soon finds out God wanted to give him an expected end, the desire of his heart, but his disobedience hindered his blessing.  How many of you might be missing out on the desires of your heart simply because you have been disobedient to God? 

     In Luke 5:1-4, Peter allowed Jesus to minister from his own personal boat, and, because of his willingness to let the Word of God go forward, Jesus told Peter to launch out into the deep and let his nets down for a draught. As a result of Peter’s benevolence, Jesus wanted to bring him an expected end. 

     Since Peter was a fisherman, his expected end was a catch of fish. A large cargo of fish was the desire of his heart. Peter told Jesus that even though they had worked hard all night, he would let down the net anyway. Never give God an excuse that will hinder what He wants to do for you. He wants to bring you an expected end, the desires of your heart, but an excuse will not allow him to bless you the way He wants to bless you.  Peter almost blocked his entire blessing by giving the excuse that he had already worked all night and had not caught anything. 

     If you have done all that you can and God tells you to continue, don’t give up. Know that God is ready, willing and able to bless you.

     Jesus told Peter to let down his “nets” but in verse 5 Peter only let down a “net.” In this instance with Peter, one letter meant the difference between obeying God and disobeying God. If God tells you to do something in the plural, there’s no need for you to reinterpret it in the singular. If God says go and get in your car and drive to all of your friends’ houses and you only drive to one friend’s house, you have disobeyed God. We must obey God’s complete instruction. Every letter and every word in God’s Word are important.

     When he only partially followed Jesus’ instructions, his net broke. Peter’s net broke because Peter disobeyed Jesus. If Peter had let down more than one net, there would not have been any undue strain on the one that broke. He lost some of his catch, his expected end, because he disobeyed Jesus. They had to call to their partners from the other ship to come and help them. The ships even began to sink ! Peter had probably received more in that instance of fishing than he had received in his entire life. Peter disobeyed Jesus, but Jesus still gave him an expected end —- two ships were filled to capacity and both began to sink. God will pour you out a blessing where you won’t have room enough to receive it.  Hallelujah!

     When Peter saw that both ships were sinking, Peter fell down at Jesus’ knees, acknowledging his sin of not allowing Jesus to bring him an expected end —- the sin of disobedience. Peter did not possess the vision or expectation or hope that Jesus would give him the desire of his heart.  Let’s not commit the same sin.  God wants to bless us, make us happy and over abundantly prosper us.

     Jesus came to preach the gospel to the poor to let them know they can have an expected end.  God wants to bring you an expected end. What is the catch that you need Him to bring in for you?  All you have to do is be courageous enough to launch your nets out into the deep.

     On the road to your ultimate expected end, eternal life with God, tell God daily what you expect Him to do for you.

Summary — An Expected End

1. Know that God thinks good thoughts toward us. They are thoughts of peace, and not     evil, to bring us an expected end.

2. When God tells you to do something odd, something you have never done before, launch your nets out into the deep in expectation. You must obey Him in order to receive your expected end.